Study Tips

Past Papers

Past papers provide a great way to see the standard of detail and work that is required to gain maximum marks. They can be used in several ways:

  1. Use the marking schemes to write out several versions of acceptable answers.

  2. Try and sit the exam at home and then mark your own answers.

  3. Look over several years of papers and try to find common questions and/or content.


Sometimes seen as an easier way to study, videos can provide a welcome break from the books. Watching long videos can be a waste of time if you are not able to focus on all the information. Use the following tips to help get the most out of video content.

  1. For videos longer than 30 minutes, watch them in chunks. You can even watch it over several days.

  2. Write a 2-3 sentence summary of each video or chunk. This can serve as a recap if you are watching it over a longer period of time.

  3. Start a discussion! Have a watch party with your classmates and talk about the themes and ideas.

  4. Set questions for your classmates to answer. This will help you AND them.

Web Resources

Wow! Where do you start with these? There are so many online resources to help you, it can often seem overwhelming! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of them.

  1. Who are they for? Be careful that you don't spend an hour answering science questions for the Australian exam board if you are sitting Scottish exams. There will be overlapping content but there will be differences that could throw you in an exam.

  2. If in doubt, ask your teacher. They are the best resource for you and will be happy to help guide you.

  3. What is the source of the information on the page? Some companies may be using the page to promote their product or service, therefore they may be biased.

  4. If you find something good, then share it! Be a hero and help your classmates.